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Move to another place :-( March 17, 2006

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So you may know about the GFW(Great Firewall of China) and it makes a lot of trouble to me when I am finding some information on the Internet. Many web sites are banned by it, including Wikipedia and blogger.com (The blog I used before WordPress).
I found I can’t visit WordPress just on the first day of the Chinese new year. After waited for a month and finally I am sure that WordPress is also banned by GFW!
Really don’t know what the government is thinking and how can they make such a stupid decision to ban WordPress.com and even doesn’t tell us the reason!! I should admit that the Party did a good job for the rasing of Chinese economy, but I really don’t like the way it controls the public voice. Tomas Paine, a British writer, said

Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.

And that’s complete true!

It’s really a pity that I have to give up this blog, maybe just for a while. I still hope that the goverment will one day open WordPress.com again. But before that, I will move to this site: http://my.donews.com/chenyufei/ It’s also powered by WordPress, so it’s also very good 🙂


现在居然也要用代理才能上wordpress了,我的天那…… January 30, 2006

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以前用blogger.com的blog,后来因为被封换到这里。现在我可不想再换了, 不过找代理服务器有时候要试好多次,太不方便了……

为什么…… My God!

呵呵,今天考完试了 January 10, 2006

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回 家准备开始装Gentoo,已经看了它的安装文档,一下好光盘镜像马上就开工。windows要重装了,准备只给他3到4个G的空间了,因为现在已经几乎 不用了,除了有些网站非要用IE才会用进windows。SuSE还留着,等Gentoo可以满足我的一切需求以后再考虑SuSE该怎么处理。SuSE的 确非常好用!!!问题在于我现在很多时候都只知道用图形化的工具来修改配置,甚至连配置文件在哪里都不知道,汗……(毕竟我开始用Linux到现在还只有 3个月,为自己开脱一下)总感觉这样不能成为高手,至少说对Linux的了解不会得到深入吧,这就是在SuSE用的好好的情况下还要装Gentoo的原 因。



Hello world! December 24, 2005

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Wow, This seems really good!

And “Hello world!”– almost always the first program I wrote in any programing language, really nice because it makes me feels very familiar. Below is some chinese. I want see if I can write post in Chinese. Since this site uses UTF-8 coding, there should no problem:)

哈哈,老外就看不懂这些了,虽然用的是人家的东西。后悔当时给blog起名字是为什么没有用自己的名字,不过用中文以后可能会有麻烦吧。我从 2005年10月开始使用SUSE Linux10,对Linux很感兴趣,大概会抛弃WinXX了,除非以后工作之类的非用不可。很喜欢这个这个Blog网站,老外做东西就是不一样。唉, 什么时候我们中国人能作出这样的东西来就好了。